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jieyang xinlong Adhesive Co., Ltd. founded in 1990, is located in Guangdong city of Jieyang province Jiedong cotton Yang Industrial Zone, convenient transportation, beautiful environment, is a professional production of various kinds of white glue, 107 glue, 108 glue, waterproof glue and other chemical manufacturers, and can cooperate with customers to develop new products, enjoy a high reputation in the chemical industry.
We would like the quality of high-quality, reasonable price, perfect service, in a mutually beneficial basis, with all customers sincere cooperation and common development.
The new generation of powerful and quick drying
Polyvinyl acetate emulsion (Bai Rujiao)
Xinlong series of white latex using the latest scientific formula, the introduction of computer monitoring, new production equipment and advanced technology, the production of polymer emulsion polymer, with adhesion strong, fast curing temperature, a new generation of environmentally friendly products and non-toxic and non corrosive: use white latex production series Xinlong can save cost to speed up the work, complete, economical and practical.
Type I: (RL-300 to RL-500)
Applicable to general household, wallpaper paste, book binding wireless, label adhesive:
Type II: (RL-505 to RL-700)
Suitable for bonding fibrous materials, painting, printing, carton making wall scraping and reinforcing agent of cement:
Type III: (RL-800 to RL-1400)
Suitable for plywood, wood, rattan products, cotton fabric, leather glue, stationery, rubber flooring, Home Furnishing decoration, furniture making, paint raw materials: Usage: direct bonding, also can be diluted with warm water, room temperature operation, natural drying.
Storage: sealed storage room, the indoor temperature at 5 DEG -40 DEG.
Shelf life: a year (more than the shelf life without caking, stratification does not affect the use of)
Special warning:
The product quality standard is based on the enterprise production standard, please use according to the product performance, choose the type of the product standard, due to the use of the process, the differences of environment and materials, so before use please a few test, if found not applicable, please call the company or dealer, otherwise the consequences resulting in this business not responsible, hereby suggest that please forgive me!
项目 水基型胶粘剂限量指标
游离甲醛/(g/kg)≤ 1
苯/(g/kg)≤ 1.2
甲苯+二甲苯/(g/kg)≤ 10
总挥发性有机物/(g/L)≤ 50
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